End of Decades-Old Spousal Rule: Discuss the official expiration of the Social Security spousal rule in 2024 for everyone born after January 1, 1954, except those who turned 70 on Jan. 1, 2024.

Previous Spousal Benefits Strategy: Detail the strategy under the expired rule, where the higher-earning spouse would claim spousal benefits at full retirement age while the other spouse claimed their own benefit.

Advice for Couples: Emphasize the importance of planning ahead for Social Security spousal benefits. Encourage couples to have discussions about who should claim benefits and when.

Financial Planning Expert Insight: Include insights from experts, such as Matthew Allen, co-founder and CEO of Social Security Advisors,

Impact of Early Claiming: Warn about the permanent reduction in Social Security benefits if a beneficiary chooses to claim benefits as early as age 62.

Spousal Benefit Reduction: Explain that a spouse's Social Security benefit is directly tied to the primary beneficiary's payout.

Waiting Until Age 70 Considerations: Clarify that spouses can't take advantage of the age 70 rule, as their payout is capped at 50% of the primary beneficiary's full retirement benefit.

Maximizing Social Security: Discuss the general rule that delaying Social Security retirement benefits results in a bigger check.

Financial Impact on Spousal Benefits: Provide a holistic view of the financial impact of various claiming strategies on spousal benefits, emphasizing the need for informed decisions.