Redmi Mobile Phone Price in Bangladesh

Are you looking for the latest Redmi mobile price in BD? Do you know the history of smartphones? We all know that Xiaomi is a popular smartphone brand in Bangladesh. And the Redmi series always become viral due to it’s innovative features. But if you know the history of mobile phones, surely you’ll be surprised. So, before jumping to the redmi mobile phone let’s share the revolution of mobile phones and the story of becoming a smartphone.

History of mobile phone

Though mobile phones started to become popular in Bangladesh in the late 90s, the story of smartphone is quite new. But in recent times hopefully in past 3-5 years smartphones become so popular in Bangladesh that people without having smartphone can hardly be seen here. And today we’ve super exclusive smartphones with extraordinary features. 

But the scenery was not like today. We’ve seen many variations in mobile phones many updates and many ups & downs in the mobile phone market. If we look back at the past 15 years there were some mobile phones, those were technically called “brick phones”. Interesting right? A mobile phone was compared with bricks due to it’s weight and look. 

But the use of mobile phone and emerging change in people’s taste has made the technology companies or the IT experts to bring updates on mobile phone. Thus day by day with huge updates we’ve got our today’s extraordinary phones called “Smartphone”. 

Mobile phone variants since 90s to today

Previously we said that we’ve got our today’s smartphones with a huge update in mobile phone generation. And if we look back we’ll find 3 variants in mobile phones since 90’s to today. Such as-

  • Bar/button phone
  • Smartphone
  • Android smartphone

Revoluton of Redmi mobile phone in Bangladesh

Redmi is a relatively new brand in the phone industry. It’s a concern of Xiaomi mobile brand. The first smartphone pf Redmi was Xiaomi Mi 1. That was released back in August 2011. And within a very short period, at the end of 2014, Xiaomi Redmi mobile phone became the number one smartphone brand in the competitive market of China which was a country of 1.4 Billion people at that time. After China, Xiaomi has expanded its business to the USA and gained an excellent response from the consumers. And now Xiaomi Redmi mobile phone is reigning in the Bangladeshi market also. 

Xiaomi introduced their smartphones in Bangladesh On 10th August 2016. And after launching Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 in February 2017, it took only about half a year for them to gain a significant amount of consumer response. This low-mid range phone was “the ultimate smartphone” for the smartphone enthusiasts in Bangladesh. The features of Redmi mobile phone is exceptionally versatile, the design was simply elegant, the performance was superior and the price is unbeatable. 

At the beginning of 2018, the Redmi became the most searched smartphone brand online in Bangladesh. The top mobile phone brands like Samsung, Symphony or Oppo are now behind them.

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